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We are specialized in nail art and detail pedicures 

Hand care and Foot care

We have simple manicure with regular colors or weekly polish. Also the do gel manicures or dip powder manicure for stronger wears. For customers who would like to have extensions nails, we also do UV hard gel extensions, acrylic extensions, dipping color powder extensions and Apres GelX extensions. Our experienced technician will make the shape ans the length to match your requirements, your hands will looks so beautiful after our manicures.

For pedicures, why not Pamper yourself with a spa pedicure, that will restore your energy and relax your tied feet. The spa pedicures includes mask for the lower legs, the scrub for the dry skin, the callus removal for the heels and most important foot and legs massage! 

what is trendy now? 

If you are not sure what is trendy now, don’t worry! We can give you suggestions! For 2021 the most popular designs are French tip nails and swirly nail art! 


What our customers are saying

This is such a friendly salon in Murry hill, it’s nice and clean inside, very bright! Huge collection of colors, also have organic polish. I really enjoyed my visit, will definitely return!

Jeniffer Spina

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